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The idea that success is found by chance is prolific, almost to the point of lunacy. The idea is so pervasive that even highly successful people will say they're just lucky and society as a whole believes it. How many times have you heard, "I'm really lucky", "I lucked into that job, or relationship", or "It was the luck of the draw"? Better yet, how many times have you said it? "They're so lucky!" "Boy, that guy that won the lottery was one lucky winner!" Even that requires more than luck. It requires that you buy a ticket.

Well, for those of us that aren't so "lucky", there's good news. Want to be successful? You can Schedule it. Seriously, you can. We all have the same amount of time each day. Our success is determined by how we use it. Want to know what and how to schedule for success? There are a few key things that nearly every success story includes. Put these on your schedule. Spend your time on the most critical tasks to success in your area and you will see "luck" come your way, or rather, success.

There are 4 things that successful people do consistently. Schedule these and follow that schedule to see results. 

1 - Affirmations. Most of us can relate to the pep talk a coach gives before the game. This is a type of affirmation. For those of us not on a sports team, we still play in the game of life. Give yourself the same passionate pep talk that you'd expect a coach to give before the Superbowl, NBA finals or final game of the Stanley Cup. It can be a song, a chant in the mirror, or written in a notebook. 2-5 minutes each day is all it takes. 

2 - Exercise. This is nothing new. We all need exercise and those who are at the top of their game in any career will tell you that exercise is part of their business plan. For those of you who aren't doing anything intentional in this area, start. And it's ok to start small. This is one area that I have to continually work on to keep in my schedule. 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes will get you started and you can ramp it up from there. Choose something you enjoy and don't feel like you have to go to the gym to get the benefit. And yes, dancing in your living room counts!

3 - Thankfulness. Being thankful keeps you focused on the good things as well as the possibilities. Not only will you accomplish more when you are thankful, people will be drawn to you because of it. Thankfulness builds character. Character builds trust. Trust builds relationships. And relationships build success. Count your blessings and they will multiply. 

4 - Time Blocking. Have you ever noticed that when you have all day or all weekend to do something, it takes you all day or all weekend to do it? Have you also noticed that if you are under pressure to get more done in less time, you do it? Now, if you could work your schedule with that level of intensity for the most critical things to your success, wouldn't you accomplish more, faster? That's what time blocking does. The first three things in this list will set the tone for your day and take up less than 10% of your schedule. The rest of your day should be divided into blocks of time dedicated to the most critical items to the success of your business or goals. We all have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly steps that need to be taken in order to build success. Put these on your schedule in blocks of time. Set a timer for a task and when that time is up, move on. It will be tempting at first to stick with a task or project until completed but the goal is to use your schedule to stay on track. It's kind of like the school bell in high school indicating it's time to move to the next subject. When you incorporate this idea into your schedule, the day will move more smoothly, you'll accomplish more, and you won't waste time in between tasks. Just be sure to include lunch and recess on your schedule, too! 

Now, whether you use an electronic calendar or a written one, I highly recommend writing a draft of your schedule on paper. Print out your electronic one or copy a blank page from your planner. Writing something, especially in ink, impacts our thinking and creates a higher level of commitment in our subconscious. Once you've handwritten your schedule, take some time to review it and make any changes that are needed to keep you focused on the most important things. Then, transfer it to your electronic calendar with alarms programmed in, or copy it to your working planner. This alone will help you to stick to it. 

Once you get started, be sure to check out my other articles about using affirmations, time blocking and additional ways to use your schedule to create the success you desire. 

Oh, and "Good Luck!"

Live Beautifully,


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