How Affirmations Changed My Life

Lynn Sullivan, Real Estate Broker, Trainer, Writer, Public Speaker

My first experience with affirmations was during a time when I was selling Mary Kay products. I just loved the products and dreamed of being a top consultant and future sales director. The only problem was that I was terribly shy and lacked confidence, organization, and sales skills. There are lots of stories of women who became Mary Kay consultants that started out with the same set of skills, or lack thereof, worked hard and ultimately reached those goals.

So, I worked. Hard. I looked for strategies and systems that I could use to build my business. Among my research and training, I came across an affirmation that made me realize that I was in my own way, blocking my own success. As I read it, or at least as I tried to read it, I began to cry before reading more than about three lines of it. The affirmation said things that I had only dreamed about but did not believe about myself. My director had been encouraging me to find an affirmation or to write one, post it on my mirror or bathroom wall and read it out loud every day.

Well, forget that. I couldn’t even read it silently, to myself, much less read it out loud. So I did what any sane person would do. I printed it on bright pink paper in bold letters, put it in a frame and hung it on the wall beside the mirror. Yes, I felt stupid. Ridiculous, even. Especially since I could hardly read it. Each morning I would do my best to read as much of it as I could bear and each day I was able to read a little more. Eventually, I was able to read it out loud, although I felt silly talking to myself in front of the mirror. After a while, I no longer felt like those things in the affirmation were foreign to me, and in time, they changed my thinking about myself. They change my beliefs about myself and my future.

Fast forward about 8 years. No, I did not become a top consultant or sales director. I did win several awards and I still sell Mary Kay. However, today, my goals are much bigger than they were back then and affirmations are much more a part of my life than ever.

Whether we realize it or not, we are being programmed, brainwashed if you will. The information we take in affects how we think, what we believe about ourselves and the world, and what we do with that information. I made the conscious choice to rewrite the information I had stored in my mind for so many years that was having a negative impact on my level of success. Please understand, I am a very positive person and have always been a highly trained, hard worker. However, I am also of the opinion that we are all a work in progress and there is always room to grow and change. Whether we change for the good or not so good is a choice we get to make. By using affirmations we are on a pathway to control the information we allow to affect us. You are telling yourself what to think, and as you begin to think that way, you begin to act and make decisions from the perspective of that new thinking. Simply put, by taking control of the input, you will have power to take control of the output.

The way I am using affirmations now has made such a difference in my life and they are my go to strategy when I feel stuck or when I have a new goal to reach. I have overcome most of my shyness, my self-confidence is high and allows me to be more effective in my work and communication. I no longer avoid situations or people that used to intimidate me and as far as my sales skills, well, affirmations have allowed me to focus my attention on helping others and in turn my sales… let’s just say, the numbers speak for themselves.

Achieving my sales career goal is just part of what I accomplish on a daily basis. I am also training others on the power of affirmations, setting goals, and using words to do more and become more than you can imagine. While I am not an overnight success, I am definitely a success! Affirmations have made all the difference.

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